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You've discovered the ultimate Academy for learning how to build your own chatbot in 4 days or less.

Academy Details

This course will give a comprehensive introduction to building a simple topic discussion chatbot. It will introduce the necessary functions and features that set the foundation for a chatbot that can be released and iterated upon quickly.

Once enrolled, you'll start recieving emails with your Academy courses each day until you've finally built your very own chatbot. 


You'll start by:

  • Designing a Structure for Your Chatbot
  • Building & Training in DialogFlow
  • Managing Context-Free Conversations
  • Adding Value to Your Chatbot with the Rocketbots Platform
  • Iterating on Your Chatbot in Production


Frequently asked question

Do I need programming expience?

Not at all, the course was made for people who wants to get started with chatbot. Of course, a technical background is always a plus.

What's the format of this course?

You will receive an email each day with and some background info followed by a task. Once you have finished, just wait for the next email.

How long does this last?

You will receive 4 emails in total (one each day). If you feel motivated, you can always accelerate by starting the next course afterwards.


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